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How are not-for-profit civic news organizations funding their newsgathering operations? Some still compete for traditional sources of revenue through the sale of advertising and subscriptions. The majority rely more heavily on private donations, business and corporate sponsorships and philanthropic grants. Sierra County Sun seeks to become self-sustaining by pursuing all these possible sources of funding. 

Like millions of Americans who make charitable donations to keep public-interest journalism alive in their communities, the following individuals and organizations made donations to the Sun during its first year of publishing on through its re-launch on October 16, 2020. We are especially indebted to those who stepped forward to contribute a minimum of $500 to the Campaign to Save the Sun after the (thankfully premature) announcement of our closing. Their belief in the importance of the Sun’s reporting to the wellbeing of Sierra County spurred them to take a chance on our ability to overcome revenue shortfalls if given adequate time to regroup. These generous citizens will be permanently acknowledged here as the Sun’s Founders.


Gifts of $5,000
Jim and Mary Anne Ciancia
Diana Tittle and Tom Hinson
Max Yeh and Anka Ewerbeck
Zia Gallery

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,500
Mary Cavett and Martin Mijal

Gifts of $500
Garland Bills
Robbin and Stan Brodsky
Deb Nicoll and Tony Mottino
Reality Based Marketing
Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery
Harley Shaw and Patty Woodruff

2020-21 Donors

In keeping with our commitment to disclosing our funding sources (see the Sun’s Transparency Policy here), we will update our donor list no less frequently than quarterly and archive each year’s entire list on our website.

Gifts of $500 to $1,000
Zia Gallery

Gifts of $251 to $499
Sandy Ficklin
Tom Hinson and Diana Tittle

Gifts of $100 to $250
303 Gallery
Carol and Jonathan Buchter
Isaac and Sharon Foley Eastvold
Véronique de Jaegher
Dennis Dooley and Kirste Carlson
Jan Haley and Gary Gritzbaugh
Barbara Hawley and David Goodman
Carol Ikard
Larry Mullenax
Sarah Lynne McMahon
Debora Nicoll
Barbara Pearlman and David Farrell
Yvonne Thorpe
William Thorpe (in honor of Ellen Evans)
Nichole Trushell and Steve Morgan
Haruhuani Spruce
Kim J. Visscher
Annie Whitney and David Webster

Gifts of $10 to $99
Tony Archuleta
Carolyn Cazares
Kenneth Chromic
David Amin Dawdy
Sara Frothingham
Sandra S. Green
Sue and Marvin Gritter
Sally Hobensack and Ken Maynard
Peter A. Lawton
Susan Lea
Julia Masaoka
LaRena Miller
James Nelson
Joey Perry
Terry and Chris O’Rourke
Kim Skinner
Rebecca Speakes
Jan Thedford
Robin Tuttle
Sharon Van Gelder
Dan Warren
William (Bill) West
Raquel Wiltbank-Mateo
Douglas Winquest
Kendall Wochnick

Fiscal Agent

The Sierra County Public-Interest Journalism Project serves as the Sierra County Sun’s fiscal agent. SCP-IJP was incorporated as a 501c3 in 2020 to promote public discourse and civic engagement in a southern New Mexico county. At present, its sole project is to raise funds to support the Sierra County Sun. SCP-IJP has no administrative expenses, as it is entirely volunteer-run. All the funds it raises are re-granted to the Sun with no conditions attached.

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