When Frances Luna looks into the mirror. . . .

by John Ofalltrades | October 28, 2020
Frances Luna wearing her press/county commissioner/city commissioner hats

1 thought on “When Frances Luna looks into the mirror. . . .”

  1. Holy Crap – a one woman cartel!!! As a recent resident of TorC I’m not totally clear on the ‘politics’ of this woman (albeit suspicious) I can’t believe that the City Commission would appoint her and, second, that she would accept. Not only will there inevitably be subjects that will come up that will be favoring ONE of her “constituencies” but negatively affecting the other BUT she also holds the reins of what the people of both communities will hear in the media. This CANNOT be a good combination. I’m coming to realize this is a very weird and not very healthy town. Sad to see it continue down such a self-destructive road.

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